India to shut Embassy’s Biratnagar field office from August 1


“All services including issuing of motor vehicle permits, registration certificates for Indian nationals,  attestation of documents  and miscellaneous  services (birth/death registrations) being rendered by Embassy of India Camp Office, Biratnagar will cease with effect from August 1, 2018,” the Embassy informed in a statement today, “For any services, hitherto being rendered by Embassy of India Camp Office, Biratnagar, please contact Embassy of India, Kathmandu.”

Earlier in May, some days after the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Nepal, the New Delhi government had said it already decided to close the office.

“The purpose for which this Camp Office was opened has been fulfilled. GoI had already decided to wind up the Camp Office and re-locate the personnel,” the Embassy’s statement stated then.

India had established the office in Biratnagar for security check of Nepalis entering India after a flood in Saptakoshi in the monsoon of 2008 created a havoc in eastern Nepal.

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