Nepal’s Foreign Affairs Minister heading to Europe to lobby for priority-based aid


Nepal’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Kumar Gyawali is heading to Europe on an official visit on Monday.

Sources at the Ministry say the Minister will lobby with various development partners of Nepal to concentrate their support to the Himalayan country on the basis of priorities set by the government here.

After the end of transitional politics, the Nepal government wants to redefine Nepal’s relations with the development partners.

Therefore, Nepal will request them to mobilise their resources in the priority areas identified by the government, according to Gyawali.

“In meetings, I frequently tell them that they have assisted us to develop the habit of washing hands. Nepali people have already learned to wash hands after toilet and before meal now,” the Minister says, “This is good. But now, we do not have water. We need money to bring water to our taps.”

Minister Gyawali says the foreign aid should be more productive, and less distributive. “Please invest as much as possible. We will create an environment for that.”

The Minister states that European countries among development partners of Nepal are priorities to improve its bilateral ties after strengthening the relations with its immediate neighbours–India and China.

Then, major destinations for Nepali migrant workers follow the list of prioritised countries to mend the ties, according to the Minister.

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